Emergency Dentistry

in Summerlin

Experiencing a dental emergency is not fun and causes you pain and anxiety.

Sahara Dental is here to do all that we can to preserve your teeth and gums after an injury or accident. Our dentists are skilled at handling damages that can occur and are trained in emergency care.

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Emergency Care

You should seek emergency care if one of your teeth has been loosened or knocked out during an injury or if you experience a painful cracked tooth or an extreme toothache. Many times we will be able to save your tooth.

“This staff is a top notch staff that really treats you very very good, I was a nervous wreck and didn't know what to expect but all the visits I've had there have all been very good thank you Dr and awesome staff.”

What To Do

Here’s what you should do if one of your teeth are knocked out while playing football or in a fall, for example:

  • Handle the tooth by the crown or, if you can, place it back in the socket.
  • Keep it in your cheek if you’re in too much pain until you can visit us. Always keep the tooth.
  • If it comes out, put it in a container of saliva, milk, or water. The key is to keep it hydrated.
  • Call for a visit as soon as you can as there is a good chance the tooth can be saved if it is set back in the socket within an hour.
  • A loose crown should be kept clean and safe. Go to a local pharmacy and get a dental cement to reinsert your crown.
  • The dental cement can be used to cover the tooth if the crown has been damaged. It will also help to lessen pain and further damage. Do not use any other type of adhesive. You can also apply clove oil and over the counter pain relievers to deal with discomfort but remember, this is only a temporary measure. You need to see us as soon as possible.
  • For a toothache, you can use a cold compress on the cheek to lower the swelling and get some pain relief. You may take an over the counter pain relievers but make an appointment as soon as possible.
  • When you need an emergency dentist in Summerlin, give us a call because we care about our patients and we will provide the best service and solutions.

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