Patient Reviews Summerlin

Patient Reviews

At Sahara Dental Summerlin, we’re proud to be part of a wonderful community. Our patients appreciate the difference made by conscientious dental care. Here are just some of the excellent reviews we’ve received. We hope to see you at our Summerlin Dentist office soon.

“Amazing front office staff! Very helpful, courteous and professional. When I made my appointment I received a call stating there was an issue with my insurance and Jessie was just so helpful. It was resolved and everything worked out fine.” — Tim R.

I travel for work all the time and on my last trip to Las Vegas I ended up needing an Emergency Dentist. I called Sahara Dental Summerlin and they were able to see me the same day. The office has a very welcoming atmosphere. The doctor and staff were really friendly. I had such a great experience that I actually scheduled my next cleaning to coincide with my next trip here. Thank you Sahara Dental Summerlin!” — Kurt J.

“The culture of Sahara Dental is one of genuine heartfelt warmth and not superficial. During my visit, I felt totally at home and relaxed. I have been living in the US for only a few months and have never experienced this kind of reception since being here. I don't what's the secret but whatever it is please keep it up.” — Veronett S. B.

“Everyone is polite and talks to you, I couldn't have asked for a better dental visit.” — Elmira W.

“As a walk-in patient, I was glad I only had to wait 45 minutes to be seen.” — Teronia G.

“The office and professional staff are very interested in making the patient comfortable and that procedure is done with the highest level of efficiency. The result of the procedure is very high quality. This is my dentist for life!!!” — Lola M.

“I went into Sahara Dental my crown fell off they got me right in and the staff is amazing.” — Kathy J.

“The staff encounters were very helpful, informative and somewhat educational. My first visit was a physical change. Thank you very much Sahara Dental.” — Ronald M.

“Highly personable and professional; high-quality service in a relaxed environment.” — Josh H.

“Excellent customer service from a very friendly and knowledgeable team of trusted professionals. A pain-free visit. Highly recommended!” — Bob C.

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