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Dental insurance today can be very confusing and frustrating. Important information is often "hidden" from the patient leaving us in the dark on our benefits. Insurance companies will usually not show you how to achieve the highest benefits of dental care which you are entitled to.

We are a network provider for most PPO insurance plans but we accept all PPO plans.

What is Dental Insurance?

Dental insurance is a negotiated contract between your insurance company and your employer. The services selected in the contract are based on your employer and insurance company and reflect the agencies willingness to pay for each service. The services selected are not based on you or achieving a high quality complete result. Because of this, many needed services may not be covered.

Covered & Non-Covered Services

The goal of the insurance company is to provide only negotiated benefits specific to individual services. The reimbursement mechanism from your dental insurance company is based off of a mathematical function that selects what service you will receive and what percentage of the dentist's fees will be paid. We want to give you the care you need uncompromised by harsh restraints from insurance companies. Additionally, you may not know that dental insurance companies have a yearly dollar limit, such that, once this limit is reached the insurance company will not cover any additional services for the rest of the year regardless of how essential the service may be to your health.

Pre-Determination Policies

Many insurance companies will try and control the amount of dentistry you will receive by setting up a authorization before payment process. We recognize this and will do any and all dental work before authorization whenever we determine authorization is not required. This will help maximize the costs covered you are entitled too. We believe in educating and consulting our patients during examination and diagnosis. So the doctor, using X-rays and intra-oral camera will demonstrate the need for any treatment and you will always be given a written estimated plan for your treatment before any work is done.

How Sahara Dental Helps

Our staff will do everything possible to help you understand your dental insurance policy and benefits. We understand that dental insurance plans are complicated and hard to get to work to cover the services you need. That is why we will provide full assistance to you. Our office will diligently complete and submit all of the needed insurance forms in order to achieve the maximum dollar reimbursement you deserve and are entitled too.

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