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Dental Hygienist


Dental Hygienist Summerlin

A dental hygienist is a dentist who offers preventative oral care under the supervision of a qualified professional dentist. The dental hygienist usually cleans the patient’s teeth and studies their mouth to note any signs of damage and diseases. They advise the patient on the importance of maintaining good oral health. Dental hygienist Summerlin has the training and educational background that concentrates in the treatment and prevention of oral diseases. Mostly, during treatment, they spend much of their time assessing the patient’s soft tissues of the oral cavity, to determine any injuries, infections or any subtle signs of oral cancer in its early stage. Therefore, dental hygienists are the best alternative for the screening, diagnosis and treatment of early-onset oral cancer. Dental hygienists can work in different dental environments from private practice, public sector, specialist sector to independent sector. They are also required to be state licensed which requires graduating from a university dental hygienist program and also passing the national dentistry board examination. Usually, the dental hygienists work at assisting the dentist so that the dentist can perform more crucial procedures.

Treatment procedures of Dental Hygienist

Patient screening is a procedure used by the dental hygienist to assess oral health conditions, oral cancer screening, inspecting the head and the neck, taking blood pressure and the pulse rate. They also help in applying preventatives products to the teeth such as fluoride which prevents bacteria from damaging the teeth. Dental hygienists are also required to educate patients on appropriate oral hygiene ways in order for the patients to keep and maintain healthy oral health for example; flossing and brushing teeth. They are also specialized in removing hard and soft deposits that stick on the teeth(calculus) hence preventing further damage of the teeth and the gum. Taking and developing dental radiographs(x-rays) is another procedure used by the dental hygienists. This helps the dentist to survey and examine the condition of the teeth, the gum and the mouth in general. Another procedure used by a dental hygienist is making another model of the patient’s teeth for study cast. This method gives a better understanding of your teeth to the dentist hence a patient’s teeth needs is dealt with efficiently.

When to see a dental hygienist

It is important for you to visit a dental hygienist in order for you to prevent diseases such as gum diseases. Gum diseases usually cause painful gums, bad breath, and bleeding gums. When treated early these gum diseases can be stopped and probably even reversed. Dental diseases are usually linked to causing other numerous diseases such as respiratory problems, heart diseases, and many others. Therefore, it is recommended for you visit a dental hygienist for you to avoid dental diseases and infections. Oral cancer prevention is another main reason why you should see a dental hygienist especially if you use tobacco as he/she may be able to detect oral cancer which is mostly treatable during its early stages. If you suffer halitosis(bad breath), it is important for you to visit the hygienist for him to do a thorough dental cleaning and restore the mouth back to its original health.

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