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Oral Surgeon


Oral surgeon Summerlin

Oral surgery is a broad branch of dentistry that deals a lot with corrective treatment. Oral surgery is also known as maxillofacial surgery is specialized in the surgical treatment of diseases, infection, and injury to the teeth, jaws, mouth and face in general. Oral surgeons can sometimes work with cosmetic dentists to offer treatment for specific diseases and illness that involve the face. Today, anyone can get corrective dental surgery together with any input of dental appliance from a professional oral surgeon Summerlin. Irregular growth of teeth and jaw bone formation can also be addressed by an oral surgeon. Oral surgery is a complex field of dentistry which requires vigorous training and practice before licensing, to treat the public, can be given.

When to see an oral surgeon

If you have a missing tooth or teeth, an oral surgeon at Sahara Dental Summerlin is the right dentist to visit. Oral Surgeon of Summerlin's Sahara Dental is skilled in various procedures used to fill missing teeth including putting dental implants and bridging. Dental implants are surgically anchored onto the underlying gum and jawbone to provide the impression of a real tooth. These artificial teeth are less likely to break or chip. People with jaw-related problems such as unequal jaw growth should also visit an oral surgeon. An improper growth of the jaws may cause dental conditions such as overbite or underbite where one jaw lies a bit farther from the other. Oral surgery may be needed in specific cases to correct and adjust the size of the jaw to bring about symmetric movement. Oral surgeons can also provide maintenance services for already fixed dentures and dental implants. If a denture is starting to cause pain or irritate or become weak and threaten to dislodge from the gum cavity, oral surgery can be applied to correct such a problem. Over time, the underlying bone of the denture may lose strength and lose grip of the artificial tooth. If necessary, a bone graft can be placed on the jawbone to help maintain a strong frame underneath the denture. Feeling pain during chewing especially at the spot in front of the ear may require a diagnosis by an oral surgeon. The temporomandibular joint found at the end of the jawline can sometimes cause facial pain or headache which may be a nuisance to the victim. Joint surgery operation can be done to rectify this problem.

Treatment Procedures of Oral Surgeon

Oral surgeons can perform various facial and oral procedures including alleviating facial pain. Facial pain may be caused by joint damage in either bone or soft muscles found on the face. Oral surgeons can perform joint surgery to eliminate facial pain experienced. Reconstructive and cosmetic surgery is also one of the areas of expertise carried out by oral surgeons. These include facial tissue problems, removing cysts and tumors and correcting facial and jaw bone involved in injuries. They also perform corrective jaw surgery. Obstructive sleep apnea which causes breathing problems during sleep can be treated by oral surgeons through surgical intervention. Oral surgeons are well skilled in diagnosis and evaluation of multiple diseases that affect the face and mouth including cancer and malignant growth.

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