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Orthodontist Summerlin

An orthodontist is a dental expert who is well skilled in the field of correcting facial and oral irregularities. Orthodontists perform surgical operations in some cases. At Sahara Dental Summerlin, we help to diagnose and treat a variety of dental diseases from misaligned teeth to some forms of a sleep disorder like sleep apnea. Orthodontist Summerlin undergoes a vigorous training and vetting process before they can be certified as professionals. As opposed to dentistry, orthodontists have to complete a full training three-year course in orthodontics in a credible dental institution. Very few orthodontists are practicing in the field which means they are the best in the profession. Orthodontists are well trained to perform orthodontic operations on adults, adolescents and also children.

Dental irregularities treated by orthodontists

Orthodontists treat and diagnose a variety of mouth and facial irregularities including; crooked teeth. Crooked teeth can lead to poor chewing or poor talking skills in children. Orthodontists can provide compact braces that will help align teeth back to the standard jawline. If your upper teeth fall a bit further from the lower jaw, also known as overbite, this may be a good sign to see an orthodontist. An underbite is also a treatable condition by orthodontist Summerlin which may involve some corrective surgery on the lower jaw. This condition is present when the lower jaw closes a bit further from the upper jaw. Gaps and spaces in the dental structure can also be corrected by an orthodontist. For such a case, the professional orthodontist may include surgical operations such as inserting dental implants to fill spaces between teeth. Depending on the cost and duration of treatment, patients can choose which treatment they prefer for missing teeth. Choices are between veneers, implants, and bridges. If the teeth do not align during chewing, also referred to as crossbite, this may be a clear sign to see an orthodontist.

Dental appliances used by orthodontists

Orthodontists fix different types of oral irregularities mostly using dental appliances if not oral surgery. Such appliances are used to maintain a slight pressure on the teeth and jaw to help provide pressure that will restore their required position. One example of such dental appliances is fixed space maintainers. This tool is used to prevent the irregular growth of adjacent teeth if a child’s tooth falls out prematurely. It is a sort of wire placed in the middle of the two teeth to maintain the space for the permanent tooth to grow later on without complication. Specially fixed appliances are used to reduce maladaptive thumb sucking behaviors which may lead to improper chewing. These, however, may be uncomfortable when eating. Aligners and braces are both used for a similar purpose; aligning teeth. As opposed to braces, aligners are preferred by adults since they are not visible to others. They are only removed during eating, flossing, and brushing. Splints or jaw repositioning appliances are used to train either jaw to close symmetrically with the other. This appliance helps treat conditions caused by complications in the temporomandibular joint. A headgear is less preferred although it helps to monitor and reduce the growth of the upper jaw. A headgear is not removable and may require the orthodontists help to remove.

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