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Sleep Apnea


Sleep Apnea Summerlin

Sleep apnea is a sleep condition that affects many different people especially overweight individuals. It is characterized by inconsistent breathing during sleep where breathing stops at different intervals. This may lead to loud snoring and discomfort during sleep. Because of the irregular breathing, sufficient oxygen may be denied from reaching the brain. This will make the victim feel tired and not well rested during the day. Normally, more males are affected by sleep apnea than women. Sleep apnea can either be obtrusive sleep apnea or central sleep apnea. Inobtrusive sleep apnea, the condition is caused by a blockage in the airway which most times is caused by the soft tissue behind the throat. In central sleep apnea, however, the brain is unable to send signals for regular breathing during sleep due to a problem with the respiratory system. Specialized dentists can be relied on to treat sleep apnea Summerlin through dental procedures that prevent the soft tissue above the throat from collapsing.

Effects of Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea leads to a reduced amount of oxygen to many vital organs of the body. Even though this happens during sleep when one is unresponsive and inactive, it may cause further effects on pre-existing conditions. Sleep apnea may escalate heart conditions. It may cause heart failure, or increases chances of getting a heart attack. Sleep apnea may also cause an increased risk for high blood pressure, depression and diabetes. Patients with such conditions should ensure that treatment for sleep apnea is done as soon as possible. Sleep apnea may increase distress in mentally ill patients, for example, individuals with Attention Deficit Hyperactive (ADHD) disorder are seen to be more anxious and nervous if they experience sleep apnea.

Treatment procedures for Sleep Apnea

Dental operations by skilled and professional dentists can be used in the treatment of sleep apnea in both children and adults. Before going to the dentist, it is important for patients to know that reducing weight can reduce the signs of sleep apnea since it reduces the chances of obtrusive sleep apnea due to a thick neck. Sleep apnea causes a lot of discomfort during sleep for the victim as well as the partner because of loud snoring. Nonetheless, specialized dental procedures normally provided by an orthodontist are used in treating sleep apnea. A tongue retaining device is one such example. This is a very common treatment tool and more preferred by most. It works by holding the tongue in place to avoid blocking the airway during sleep. This device is simpler to fix compared to others. Mandibular advancement device (MAD) is also a widely used dental tool used for the treatment of sleep apnea Summerlin. The device is fixed on both the upper and lower jaw and assists in guiding the movement of the lower jaw forward. CPAP machines can also be used but are fitted as a headgear which is worn even during sleep. Dental appliances are however easier to fix and install. Patients should check in with the dentist now and then to assess the effectiveness of the appliance.

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