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Teeth Whitening


Teeth Whitening Summerlin

Treating yellow and discolored teeth have been made easy today through teeth whitening Summerlin. At Sahara Dental Summerlin teeth whitening has become the number option of returning teeth to their natural shine and look. This treatment is applied in various fields including the cosmetic industry as well as in entertainment for movie actors and models. Teeth whitening can be described as using products and treatment to return teeth to their natural white color. Teeth bleaching, on the other hand, is a dental treatment that makes teeth achieve a whiter shade than before. Unhealthy gums and teeth may be affected by teeth whitening since strong chemical products are used in the treatment. Teeth whitening also does not get rid of cavities and so the patient should consult a dentist before undergoing the treatment.

When Should You Do Teeth Whitening

Natural teeth are normally white and not yellow. Even then, proper oral hygiene is required to maintain that original sheen that one is born with. Poor dental hygiene and healthcare is the most common reason that teeth lose their color or become stained and yellow. Minerals like tetracycline from excess fluoride found in either water or toothpaste can lead to staining of the teeth also known as intrinsic stains. Such stains are harder to remove and require longer treatments to fully eliminate. Food and beverages like coffee and greasy foods also cause a staining effect on the teeth. Such edibles should be avoided or taken in moderation to avoid staining the teeth too much. The outer part of the tooth is meant to prevent damage to the tooth and in the long run, maybe eroded leaving the tooth vulnerable. This erosion leaves the tooth defenseless against stain which over time accumulates to portray yellow teeth. This erosion can be due to old age wearing out the enamel of the tooth.

Types Of Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening Summerlin can either be done at home or at the dentist’s office. It is preferable if the patient seeking teeth whitening first sees a dentist so that she can consult on which method is best given her requirements. In-office bleaching which is carried out by a professional dentist is when the dentist performs the cosmetic treatment in his or her office or laboratory. In-office whitening includes a variety of procedures and techniques to whiten the teeth. Light treatment can be used to accelerate teeth bleaching. Here, the dentists use LED or plasma arc energy to add to the bleaching effects of the products used. Whitening strips can also be used for teeth whitening. They are a common type of product which most people prefer. These strips are filled with peroxide which greatly whitens the teeth. This type of whitening provides very fast and effective results. Whitening toothpaste is also an option for teeth whitening. Patients can consult the dentist to know which toothpastes to use to whiten teeth. People with sensitive teeth should avoid any strong fluoride toothpaste that may cause pain or irritation. It is important to maintain good oral health at all time to maintain white teeth and avoid discoloring.

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