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TMJ Dentist

                                                                Temporomandibular joints TMJ

The most utilized joint in the body is the TMJ or Temporomandibular Joint. These are the blood vessels, bones, and muscles that you use to swallow, kiss, eat, or speak and are linked to the temporal bone of your skull.

Definitely, it is the most used joint of the body, the TMJ on each side of the face are prone to medical problems that may or may not need surgery. Coordinating movements that permit you to open and close your jaw can be a problem.

Causes of TMJ are blamed on teeth grinding, stress and poor bite. More symptoms are morning headaches and neck pain. Suffers also hear popping sounds when they close and open their jaws and experience pain within the eyeballs.

Treatments for TMJ

It is time to see a physician or dentist if normal treatment application stays. Prescription drugs, warm compresses, nightguards, anti-inflammatory pain drugs, a soft food diet is the primary aid treatment for the TMJ syndrome.

To stop teeth grinding while you are sleeping, a nightguard with a plastic split can be customized for you by your dentist.

For certain serious cases, your physician can use invasive techniques with domestic anesthesia. Pain relievers can be injected straight to the area. Another technique is the insertion of 2 needles in the TMJ for cleansing – one as a start point for cleansing solution, the other as an exit.  Surgery is another option.

Overall, there are many ways to help ease the pain and discomfort that comes with TMJ. Call our office today to discuss your TMJ  treatment options.



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